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From Logs To Lumber

A history of the people who made and used
log-rules in New England.


This book is the result of many years of research on the history and development of log calipers and the people who used the calipers and log rules while working in the lumber industry in New England.

Logs To LumberFrom Logs to Lumber encompasses a time-period of 160 years, from 1830 to the present day.  In addition to describing the making and use of the log calipers, included in this book are over 180 photos representing the tools of 42 rule makers. These photographs show the fine workmanship and the “makers’ marks” on the log rules. 
Throughout the book, the representations of vintage occupational photos take the reader back to the glory days of logging in New England. 

Brief articles describing each rule maker and their lives round out the book.  Included in the book is a “Chronology of Rule Makers”, a fast reference into the lives of the makers and the time-periods that they worked in.

No- matter if you are a tool collector, one interested in the glory days of logging or a history buff,  From Logs to Lumber will wet your appetite to learn more about  lumber industry in New England. 

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