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Whalen was born and raised in Quincy Mass., a city just south of Boston. The collecting habit for him began with stamps and coins at an early age and never ceased.
     In the early 1980’s Tom turned to antique tools, particularly log calipers and rules, these became a passion. His vocation, a skilled union tradesman, sent him to many parts of New England and it was predictable that his travels he would take a keen interest in the history of logging and the lumber business too.
    An ardent outdoorsman and adventurer, Whalen has explored much of this continent with his wife Cheri, hiking, canoeing, and fishing. We’ve been to some of the most beautiful spots, in America he claims.
    Now retired Whalen spends his days with his family either at home at Marshfield Mass. or at Camp Agicook the second home in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. He and his family continue on their journey exploring America.





Butterworth commenced his collecting more than half a century ago, motivated by what’s out there relative to his interests --- it was tools ---and worth.
      Dale acknowledges that he even checked a dump occasionally.
      That would have been around his hometown of Cumberland on Maine’s Casco Bay, where he bought a 30- acre farm in 1949. It remains his family residence, his home. Butterworth is viewed as one of the original and premier collectors of wood working tools—those particular to Maine first and then all of New England.
      His master achievement --- a collection of log rules, calipers, planes, axes and log stamps --- is now a part of the State of Maine museum.  Born in1919, Butterworth grew up on a farm in Franklin Mass. 25 miles southwest of Boston, and graduated from the University of Maine in 1941. He then spent 4 years in World War Two in the Army Air Corps as both pilot instructor and pilot.
      On the farm at Cumberland he took up carpentry and cabinet making. Beginning in 1959 Butterworth taught those skills to high school students in Westbrook Maine, for 19 years.
      Then came retirement, serious collecting, and in time Tom Whalen. The two met at a tool auction in Nashua N. H., and began to exchange their common interests. Butterworth was the master, Whalen the eager pupil.
      A strong friendship resulted. And also this book.


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